publication, solo exhibition ㅡ Mixer bowl, studio yalla, january 2016

press ㅡ photodot, march 2016

press ㅡ workers, march 2016

group exhibitions ㅡ eternal summer, freckle, july 2016

group exhibitions ㅡ growingthat, space 291, september 2016

group exhibitions ㅡ 8-ball community, plexus at unseen niches, september 2016

group exhibitions ㅡ poster issue, sangsudong 315-7, november 2016

press ㅡ vostok vol. 01, december 2016

directing ㅡ 구경거리 (sight), new arrival project, 2016

group exhibition ㅡ pussytel, inside out, archive bomm, december 2016

press ㅡ GQ Korea, 구경거리 (sight), january 2017 

press ㅡ Axt, january 2017

group exhibition ㅡ the scrap, december 2016

press ㅡ 구경거리 (sight), don't panic, february 2017

press ㅡ OhBoy!, she photographs, issue. 74, march2017

press ㅡ GQ Korea, march 2017

press ㅡ 구경거리 (sight), VOSTOK Vol. 2, march 2017

presentation ㅡ VOSTOK merry go round, march 2017

presentation ㅡ hide & seek with kanghyuk lee, may 2017

group exhibition ㅡ 즐거운 일기 (happy diary), 서학동 사진관, june 2017

presentation ㅡ here is zine tokyo, 구경거리 (sight) , june 2017

presentation ㅡ VOSTOK merry go round at luna with hyunsung park, septumber 2017

publication ㅡ 절기 (season) with grigo gallery, oct 2017

interview ㅡ grigo gallery with park hyunsung, Kim shakshak

interview ㅡ indie Magazine gang young girl, january 2018

directing ㅡ 사슬로 (saseulro) 들키지 않게, march 2018

exhibition ㅡ the scrap, june 2018

interview ㅡ duiro magazine, October 2018

interview ㅡ directory magazine,  2019

interview ㅡ niceshop, 2019

project ㅡ Alibaba and 30 Friend’s Friends

solo exhibition ㅡ Mago, d/p 2019

group exhibition ㅡ 메밀밭 끝나는 곳 너머, 봉평 작은콧등미술관, 2019 

group exhibition ㅡ open your storage, buk-seoul museum of art, 2019

group exhibition ㅡ the scrap: happy together, 2019 

publication ㅡ workers, 2020 

publication ㅡ Vostok Magazine issue 19, 2020 

publication ㅡ selfhood, artist hood, motherhood, 2020 

group exhibition ㅡ new normal, 스페이스 캔 - 오래된 집, 2020

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